The Digital Signage software 
simple and powerful at the same time
DYNATOUCH, the Digital Signage software by CSX
Ideal for interactive totem Dynatouch OT can be used in all places open to the public to be informed .

For example, you can give them access to:

  • lists of accommodation ,
  • parking nearby
  • restaurants and hotels nearby
  • shopping centers,
  • accessible services (transport, bus , train , taxi area , etc. )
  • the plan of the city or region ,
  • a video presentation
  • event dates ,
  • all the practical information you want.

Remember also to offer advertising on your totem and your investment will be financed and profitable even faster !

The system operates autonomously without a network or internet connection, but if you want to give access to content in real time, a simple Wifi or 3G connection allows you to display content from the Internet and / or directly update the contents of the kiosk .

This turnkey solution is designed in collaboration with you to suit your needs.

Our totems can be used both inside and outside (insulation, anti- vandalism, etc. ) .

Take hold of your communication!


• No previous knowledge required


no investment


no training

 operation 100% local or centralized