The Digital Signage software 
simple and powerful at the same time
DYNATOUCH, the Digital Signage software by CSX

The solution for interactive touch display

simple and cheap

Dynatouch AL

Specialized for legal display. Ideal for Mayor, General Council, Regional Council, administrations or businesses to display the documentation.

Automatically manages categories from January to May.

Autoscroll if no interaction.

Updated by simple drag / drop in the shared directory.

Possible updates by different services each managing its own directory and display.

Works under Windows and therefore compatible with all touch screens compatible windows.

Displays all image formats and PDF.

Custom buttons and wallpaper.

Dynatouch OT

Ideal for a tourist office, any center receiving tourists or a municipality for its visitors.

on totem or single touchscreen

turnkey solution

very easy to use for the visitor or citizen

customized solution to the image of the city, location, etc.

does not require internet connection (except special-purpose)

area possible to display advertising: your totem, you earn money!

indoor or outdoor solution (totem anti-vandal and weather)

Take hold of your communication!


• No previous knowledge required


no investment


no training

 operation 100% local or centralized