The Digital Signage software 
simple and powerful at the same time
DYNATOUCH, the Digital Signage software by CSX

Dynatouch AD :

Windows-based software for dynamic display with a TV , a screen in portrait or landscape, a totem, a tablet , etc. .

Simple to use, it requires no maintenance or special knowledge .

Will display :
* All videos formats (MOV , MPG, MP4 , AVI , MKV , WMV , etc)
* All pictures formats (JPG , TIFF , GIF , BMP, etc. )
* PDF files
* RSS feeds
* WEB site
* weather


* Ease of use,
* Standard Windows platform ( Windows XP to Windows 8.1, 32-bit or 64-bit)
* Compatible with all windows (photos, videos , etc) formats , all screens (touch and classic ) , basic network configuration , etc. .
* Display configuration reproducible by simply copying a text configuration file,
Multi-site management * Free (part of the screen can be centrally managed and part available to the local user )
* Web part accessible and can be made ​​available to users (for keyboard / mouse or touchscreen)
* Multi- screens from a single player with overflow management between management screens ( you can play a spread over 2 screens for example video and photos on a 3rd )

Take hold of your communication!


• No previous knowledge required


no investment


no training

 operation 100% local or centralized